• 3sat - Computershow "neues" (30.09.2007) [MPEG, 60MB] (Site)
    Alternative Nutzung von Technik: Die PlayStation3 als Super-Rechner
  • Microsoft MSDN Channel 8 (08.10.2007) (Site)
    Cambridge PhD summer school: and the winners are...
    Tim Conrad, from Freie Universität Berlin, Rosemary Francis, University of Cambridge and Michael Pederson from the University of Edinburgh. The conversation about their work, the PhD Summer School, the Cambridge lifestyle, math and computer science and their plans for the future...
  • ZDF - "heute journal" (19.10.2007) [WMA, 60MB] (Site)
    German "Excellence Initiative": Freie Universitaet is rated "excellent".

  • rbb - "ozon" (02.06.2008) [MPEG, 240MB] (Site)
    Wenn Pythagoras Kicker wäre - Die Mathematik des Fußballs